Lift installation services for new and existing buildings

We provide a full spectrum service covering every sector, public, and private. This includes residential, industrial, and commercial environments.
Our lifts and escalators are installed and in use at shopping centres, hospitals, office buildings, retail establishments and hotels across the UK. Our lifts are energy efficient, can be installed with the latest technology integrated, if desired, and are installed to the highest safety standards. This results in a smooth, silent, safe ride for you and your guests.

We cover London, all major UK cities and the home counties so we can be there when you need us if a fault should arise. Our experienced team of lift installers and engineers are experts at what they do and take pride in their work. This is reflected by our 5-star rating on our Google Listing.

Our commitment to the The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 is paramount. Our 100% safety record is a reflection of our values which we uphold on a daily basis to ensure that the correct provisions for securing the health and safety of our engineers, clients and the public from any hazard are in place and prioritised before any works are undertaken via a conduction of a thorough risk assessment and method statement.



Passenger lifts are as the name says, lifts designed to carry passengers up and down a vertical shaft. These lifts are hugely popular and are used across all sections, public, private, commercial and more.
They are used in hospitals, hotels, office buildings etc. They are designed to improve accessibility making it much easier to traverse big distances across a building. Possible lifting mechanisms for a passenger lift include pneumatic, traction and hydraulic lifting methods.


Scenic Lifts or panoramic glass lifts offer the functionality of a lift without compromising the aesthetic look of your building. This allows the lift to blend seamlessly into the interior and exterior of your building. VM Elevators can customise your scenic lift so that it meets your reqirements.


Dumbwaiters are automatic services lifts that are miniature in size so are used for transporting small goods.
Traditionally you would find these in use in kitchens to transport food from the kitchen to the restaurant and for the waiters to return dirty dishes to the kitchen staff below.
They can be used in any commercial setting though and although still in use in commercial applications like restaurants they can also be found in hotels and hospitals.


A platform lift, also commonly known as a wheelchair lift, is a passenger lift with added weight capabilities. Platform lifts are built with accessibility in mind. A platform lift will allow users with impaired mobility ease of access to your building. In some situations it is a legal requirement that accessibility to your building is possible for those with impaired mobility, and if a ramp is or other alternatives are not possible, a platform lift might be a legal necessity.


Goods & services lifts are perfect for transporting oversized, heavy items usually on trolleys, cages and pallets between multiple floors at retail stores, hospitals, warehouses and hospitals. You will usually find these used in commercial applications. The transport of passengers on a Goods lift is generally prohibited.


Vehicle lifts are usually found in multi storey and residential carparks and are used to move vehicles vertically between floors.  The benefit of the car park lift is that it allows the maxium number of parking spaces to be increased resulting in a more efficient car park.


A dock leveller is used to bridge the gap between a vehicle and the loading bay. This ensures that the safe and smooth unloading and loading of goods and materials.

Scissor lifts move personnel and equipment vertically. These are used in applications in place of a ladder or scaffolding.


A mobility lift is used to move passengers with impaired mobility through a passageway or into a space that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. These could accommodate both a user and a mobility aid, such as a mobility scooter or wheelchair. Common types of mobility lifts include stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and lift chairs.


Escalator or moving staircases are used to transport passengers vertically between floors or levels. Usually these are short distances. They are often found in mass pedestrian areas where there is a need to allow a constant flow.  This can include the tube stations, retail stores and airports.  Moving walkways, also known as travelators, are very similar but are used to move pedestrians horizontally. You will often find these in airports. These are ideal for travellers with impaired mobility.


Ensure the safety of your guests and protect your business from downtime with a dedicated maintenance contract. A maintenance contract will help prevent costly breakdown repairs and call outs by finding and fixing minors faults before they become big ones!
Contact us now to explore the different maintenance contracts we have that can be tailoured to fit your needs. Our Service team will follow up with you directly to provide help and advise on what package will be the best fit for your requirements. Our service agreements are in accordance with the Lift & Escalator Industry Association requirements of which we hold full membership.


We offer unparallel rates without compromising on service. Every customer is important to us, so no matter the size of the job we will always ensure you feel prioritised and informed from start to finish.
For our non – contract callouts all our engineer’s carry card readers, for a fast, hassle free, COVID safe, contactless payment method.


VM Elevators utilize the latest technology available in all lift installations.
This leads to improvements in safety and energy efficiency.
Our lifts are fully customizable, we offer a wide range of variations and options and


Published in March 2015, ISO 25745 is the global standard for energy calculation and classification of lifts and escalators.
At VM Elevators energy efficiency is another one of our core values. All new installations are installed to the highest energy efficiency rating possible, which is A Class for lifts and A+++ for escalators. We deploy innovative techniques and solutions to achieve these ratings to ensure you spend less and also help protect the environment. Measures we utilize include LED lighting, standby modes when lifts are not in use, and regenerative drives that capture the heat generated when the lift is in use and converts this into reusable energy.


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