VM Elevators is a premium and independent lift and escalator services provider, established in London in 2008. Since then, our business has expanded nationwide. Our management team has over 100+ years combined of experience within the industry and our skilled engineers deliver an outstanding service, safely and with minimal disruption to your daily activities or organisation and are available 24 hours, 365 days a year. With the use of digitalised worksheets, we can deliver instant results to our clients in real time.


We provide our customers with a full ‘turn key’ solution for all their lift and escalator needs – including new installation services; modernisation; maintenance; repairs; & 24/7 dedicated care and call-out assistance nationwide. We pride ourselves on the quality of service that we provide to each and every one of our customers. Our management team have over 100 years combined experience in the industry which is transparent through our commitment to excellence in everything we do.


VM Elevators Ltd. are proud to promote and champion equality and diversity in the workplace. Established in 2008, the company has grown continually YoY. Our Equality and Diversity policy demonstrates a clear commitment to equality of opportunity for all. We are fully committed to a policy which recognises the rights of individuals to equality of opportunity, equality of access and freedom from discrimination. We are a company that wants everyone to feel welcome and represented. We consider these to be fundamental rights and as a major service provider in London and Nationwide, we have a duty to lead on and promote these rights throughout our business, the partners we work with and across our industry. We require that any supplier or contractor doing business with the company shares this commitment by offering equality of opportunity and operating in a non-discriminatory manner. We strive to ensure that :-· Equality and diversity are reflected in all our procurement procedures both generally and particularly in areas of procurement activity which impact most on the community. That they continually encourage and challenge suppliers and contractors to promote equality of opportunity beyond the scope of the contract, and their minimum legal requirements. We expect all our suppliers and contractors to:- share our commitment to promotion of equality and diversity, across the six strands of equality legislation: age, disability, gender, race, faith, sexual orientation. To comply with all relevant legislative provisions and keep up to date with the current developments and changes in legislation

‘Here at VM Elevators Ltd. we care about humanity. We all deserve to be treated respectfully and as a business we embrace and champion diversity. We want everyone to feel represented within the lift and escalator industry. The majority of our business is made up of working parents, so promoting a healthy work/life balance is key to productivity and good mental health. We understand that our employees have lives and responsibilities beyond the realms of work and we recognise and support this. We want everyone to feel confident and safe to be themselves in the workplace. We are continually learning and listening to our employees – to ensure that we continue on our mission of making a positive impact – and to leave the world in which we operate in a better place’.

CEO Simon Whitbread


At VM Elevators, we have a 5-year dedicated strategy in place to reduce our carbon footprint along with enforced sustainability and environmental policies which we implement across our business. We are committed to using local resources, preserving the environment and to fair trade ethics from our suppliers!
We recognise that our activities and operations have an impact on the environment and we are committed to conserving natural resources, operating in a manner sensitive to the environment and complying with all relevant legislation.

In particular we are committed to:

  • Minimising waste products from all processes.
  • Maximising the efficient use of energy and water.
  • Reducing the impact of travel/transport.
  • Accessing the most technically accurate advice that promotes current best environmental practice.
  • Preventing pollution wherever possible.
  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation, applicable consents and codes of practice to which the company subscribes.
  • Continual improvement in environmental performance.

We continue to achieve these commitments and are accredited based on the requirements set out in International Standard ISO 14001:2015.

  • We will continue to set and review progress towards environmental objectives and targets and management programs to ensure continual improvement.
  • Continue to provide environmental training refreshers for all employees to understand the company’s environmental policies, objectives and programs and their role within them.
  • Continue to include environmental considerations in our Procurement Procedure.
  • Ensure the company understands and complies with the requirements of all environmental legislation, guidelines and codes of practice applicable to the organisation.
  • Work with suppliers and contractors to encourage the adoption of environmentally responsible practices.

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We will continue to evaluate our company’s carbon consumption with our emissions-conscious officer conducting annual reviews, it’s important to keep assessing where we currently stand in order to know how we can consistently improve.

By benchmarking the present number of greenhouse gases generated, we have been able to develop an appropriate strategy to follow.

We have already implemented simple tasks like, giving our office an energy upgrade like investing in good blinds and shading; upgrading our windows; conducting maintenance on our office’s central heating system – and switching to energy-saving light bulbs.

Turning off and unplugging – by getting the members of our team into the habit of switching everything off at the end of the day and installing energy saving modes on everyone’s computers and monitors. Before our team head home, they make sure all of our office lights, equipment, kettles, and microwaves are turned off fully – by this, we mean switching off the plug sockets. More often than not, electrical equipment siphons power when in standby mode – so to ensure there is no waste, we switch them off and unplug them at the wall socket. This has not only reduced our consumption, but also our electricity bills.

Throughout the workday, we make sure that all computers are set to “energy saver” mode. This makes the machines turn off their monitors and go to sleep more quickly when not in use — not having a bright screen constantly glowing can save a lot of energy.

We also encourage our staff to work from home,  thanks to high-speed broadband, powerful home computers, services like Skype, and virtual office software, it’s now easier than ever to work remotely. Of course, it’s not always suitable; face-to-face meetings do have to occur, but by when they can – the amount of emissions saved from less cars on the road is a great way to improve our company’s carbon footprint.

We ensure all our company vehicles use the most energy efficient systems, we restrict the use of vehicles to those that produce low CO2 emissions.

We enforce our drivers stick to the allowable speed limits & promote switching off ignition where possible when stationary.

To guarantee we are staying on track and consistently reducing our carbon footprint we  measure our company’s progress against our benchmark report we took initially, we have created a timetabled strategy of what changes we are implementing and how much energy we would expect to save against the amount that is actually being saved and adjust accordingly when necessary.


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