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Historically named Hamm tun, meaning the village by the well-watered meadow – and then North Hamm tun, likely to distinguish it from Southampton – now formerly known as Northampton, this town lies on the River Nene, the UK’s tenth longest river. It’s famed for its shoe industry – dating back 900 years, producing the boots for Darth Vader and shoes for James Bond to name some –  and to many – the county remains the “shoemaking capital of the world”.

It was here 1935 – two men drove a van with a radio receiver to a field in Northamptonshire, for the world’s first RADAR demonstration or more prominently known as the Daventry Experiment, showed how for the first time radio waves could be bounced off aircraft, they did this with just a set of wooden poles, a receiver, wire and an aircraft. Little did they know at this time, their findings would go on to change the course of history.

Northampton is full of notable buildings – it’s oldest standing building The Holy Sepulchr, is one of the largest and most preserved round churches in England built back in 1100, the design was based on a plan of the original Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. One which gets us rather excited is The National Lift Tower, the UK’s tallest testing centre is a prominent feature of the town’s skyline 127.45m (418 ft 2 inc) in height, it was originally built for testing new lifts at the Express Lifts Factory, the tower is now used by lift companies for research, development and marketing.

What’s more there are a total of 170 parks and open spaces around Northampton, spanning 1,880 acres. Popular parks include Abington Park, the town’s oldest. Northampton’s market square is one of Britain’s largest and most historic dating back to 1235. One for race car enthusiast, The Silverstone Circuit, the current home of the British Grand Prix, is a few miles south of town.


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