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Historically, a hill settlement, referred to in the Domesday Book as a small market town – the evolution of Swindon is a real Tale of Two Towns – the amalgamation of Old and New- which fused together in the 1900’s due to the rapid expansion of New Swindon to the south and the slower growth of Old Swindon to the north –virtually merging on Swindon Hill – they went on to form one municipal borough. Dubbed as Wiltshire’s ‘Railway Town’ due to the expansion of the Great Western Railway Company (GWR) in the 1840’s –  the town’s museum STEAM is now located in the heart of what was once one of the largest railway engineering hubs in the world – the Swindon Railway Works, which opened its doors in 1843 as a maintenance and repair facility for the new GWR – claiming it could produce 3 locomotives per week, it became one of the biggest rail companies globally – and dramatically transformed the then Swindon from a quiet country town to a robust, prosperous, thriving community  – employing 12,000 people. The STEAM museum, a demonstration of ground-breaking engineering, with its haven of historic locomotives is a real a sanctuary for any  Railway enthusiast.


With a bubbling art scene, artisanal markets and mix of traditional shops and independents and museum, the now modernised and vibrant Swindon is still surrounded by some of England’s luxurious countryside. Old Town, with its historic charm remains a somewhat cultural point, full of tumbling courtyards and alleys, rich in fascinating architecture and the picturesque Town Gardens.

Perhaps some little unknown facts, but the band Oasis, took their name from Oasis Leisure Centre in Swindon and super-spy James Bond has strong links to the area – with filming done in the town twice, all in all Swindon has built up quite the legacy.


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