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Home to one of the most critically acclaimed and prestigious Universities worldwide, it’s also one of the most architecturally interesting cities in England, set against a backdrop of greenery and lined with quaint streets. Nestled in South East England –]and situated to the north-west of London – Oxford is a beloved historical gem.

Oxford is indeed famed for its educational sector, but other industries it is prominently associated to are motor manufacturing, IT, science and publishing. ...

The city’s Bodleian Library, is one of the oldest working libraries in Europe, housing over 13 million printed items which includes manuscripts, maps and rare books. It is also said that Oxford has more published authors per square mile than anywhere else in the world.

The University of Oxford founded in the 12th Century, is the second oldest University in the world, although it’s remains a little vague when it began exactly, there’s evidence in some form that it began teaching in 1096 with growth of attendance occurring rapidly from 1167. To put this into perspective that makes the university approximately 700 years older than the USA and 400 years older than the English language.

There’s plenty to marvel at in Oxford – it’s a city adorned with all styles and timelines of English architecture – from its 38 colleges in the city’s medieval centre, to it’s Museum of History of Science, the world’s oldest surviving purpose-built museum which first opened to the public in 1683 – it’s here in the basement of this museum that you can view the chalkboard that Albert Einstein wrote his famous e=mc2 equation on at Oxford University in 1950. There’s even the lantern that Guy Fawkes was holding when he was arrested in 1605.

Oxford is also home to the first ever coffee house in England – with the earliest cups served in the city’s The Grand Café. Oxford has had a longstanding affiliation with Brewing dating back to the 16th century. It is within this time period that brewing and malting appear to have been the most popular trades in this city; the development and addition of its railway links after the 1840s enabled Oxford’s brewing industry to accelerate its expansion. Oxford still remains home to some of the oldest pubs in the UK, many of which can be traced as far back to the 13th Century. The oldest pub in Oxford is the Bear Inn, dating back to 1242 and has now become famous for its extravagant tie collection (a must-see) that decorates the interiors. The Turn Tavern aka Oxford’s hidden treasure, dates back to the 12th Century, The Crown – used to be a regular pitstop for William Shakespeare and actors – and the Plough at 38 – exists in one of the oldest buildings in the city – the latter staggeringly dating all the way back to 1195!

It’s safe to say there’s something very unique about this charming city, from it’s legendary literary past to its stunning buildings, it’s an architectural haven. For the ultimate Oxford experience, why not dabble in the city’s longstanding tradition and hop aboard a Punting tour down the River Cherwell – as an alternative way to soak up all the beautiful scenery and enjoy the famous sights.



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Are you based in Oxford and in need of a lift and escalator maintenance, repair, modernisation and/ or installation company? We can help!

VM Elevators is a premium lift and escalator company, providing 24-7 – year round callout and emergency breakdown support. We have qualified and reliable engineers based nationwide, who are highly skilled in all faculties of the industry, covering all sectors from commercial, residential, public to private. With an outstanding delivery and performance track record, we offer an unparalleled service at an affordable rate. Regardless of the scale of the job, we treat all our clients with priority and best-in-class customer service.

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