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This town on the banks of the River Mersey, founded historically by the Romans, due to its geographical point of location, acted as a main crossing point. Later it emerged as a market town, with local traditions deriving from textile and the production of tools. The expansion of Warrington was in line with the growth that came with the Industrial Revolution, as the town urbanised it became a centre of manufacturing and steel, predominantly wire. The town prospered when forms of transportation were improved and again when the age of steam arrived, Warrington naturally embraced it, not just as a means of developing transportation but also as an acting source of power for its mills.


To date, this still resonates as the town remains well connected, with three major motorways, close proximity from two airports and only a two hours train journey into the country’s capital. The swing bridges located over the shop canal and the Warrington Transporter Bridge, are displays of fine engineering, manufactured from steel, paying homage to the town’s industrial past. Although the latter has been disused since 1964, the bridge is classified as a Grade II* listed building and protected as a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

Wire may not be produced solely in this town any more but the association lived on – the Warrington Wolves, founded in 1876 remains one of the most successful rugby league football clubs in the sport, attracting an est. 10,000 spectators a week, it was once affectionally nicknamed ‘The Wire’ only officially appending Wolves to their name 120 years later.

Warrington is full of interesting landscape and beautiful sights, from Walton Gardens, Sankey Valley, Lymm Dam to Risely Moss. If all that exploring isn’t enough to whet your appetite then there’s a plethora of amazing food on offer and there’s even room for your canine friend, as this town has been voted one of the most pet-friendly places in the UK!


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