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A vibrant and energetic city, based in the centre of England and just to the north-west of its larger (and not to be confused with) neighbour, Birmingham. Historically, founded in 985AD, it was once part of the county of Staffordshire, today however, it is the second largest part of the West Midlands area surrounded by the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

Accelerated by the Industrial Revolution, the city of Wolverhampton evolved from a market town specialising in the woollen trade – into a major hub as a for coal mining, steel production, lock making and the manufacturing of cars and motorcycles. Still prevalent to date, Wolverhampton’s economy continues to be widely concentrated on engineering and inhabits a large aerospace production and service sector. In conjunction with this, Wolverhampton has a long standing association with ornate cast iron safe painting, which prevailed in the city from the Victorian era. Many companies, such as Chubb Lock and Safe Company, expanded on their artistic abilities and their safes became masterpieces – consisting of fine script and hand-painted design, which grew international acclaim and are now deemed highly collectible items. The building in which they were crafted in is now a National Historic Registered Landmark Treasure in 1992 and is it is among the few canal street factories that has been preserved.

Wolverhampton’s industrial renaissance resonates through the architecture and monumental landmarks that line the city centre, from the Art Gallery built in 1884 , to the St Peters Collegiate Church – which dates back to 1200 AD – where you can locate the statue of Our Lady Wulfruna, who it’s said the city is named after.

Once dubbed the ‘Champions of the World’ the city’s Wolverhampton Wanderers were one of the twelve clubs to found the world’s first domestic Football League, now formerly known as the English Football League EFL. In the 1950’s they went on to play a number of floodlit friendlies against some of the top sides of Europe, leading to the development of UEFA Champions League and the Wolves as they are more commonly known, were one of the first British clubs to take part in the competition. The club’s famous colours, black and gold, unique in the English League, originates from the motto of the city ‘Out of Darkness Cometh Light’.


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Are you based in Wolverhampton and in need of a lift and escalator modernisation design, new installation, or decommissioning company? We can help! Choosing VM Elevators brings peace of mind that we will be there when you need us most.

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With an outstanding delivery and performance track record, we offer an unparalleled service at an affordable rate, providing every customer with the priority service they deserve, no matter the size of the job. Our operational team is dedicated to ensuring seamless support for all your lift and escalator needs and are highly skilled in all areas of the industry, covering all sectors from commercial, residential, and public to private, providing continuous support, ensuring timely responses to all enquiries and project milestones.

At VM Elevators, safety is paramount. We are proud of our impeccable record, and you can feel confident that your lift and escalator requirements will always be taken care of compliantly and with the highest level of quality control.

Our management team are specialised in all areas of the lift and escalator sector. They are on hand to answer any query you may have. Whether you would like a free quotation for lift modernisation, design or new installation or decommissioning in Wolverhampton, please call us (toll-free) on 0800 448 8615 or receive a free lift installation, lift modernisation, or lift decommissioning quotation

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