VM Elevators Secures New Maintenance Contract at Drumsheds, London – Tottenham:

As a leading provider of lift and escalator maintenance, repair, modernisation and design & new installation services across various sectors, we are pleased to announce that we have recently secured a prestigious contract to maintain the 9 lift systems at Drumsheds in Tottenham, London; an innovative and vibrant mixed-use development in Tottenham, North London.

This win underscores our reputation for reliability, technical expertise, and exceptional service delivery in the vertical transportation industry. Our commitment to quality and safety makes us a preferred choice for many high-profile clients.

What is Drumsheds, London:

Drumsheds stands on the site formerly occupied by the Tottenham Ikea, which was closed and repurposed to accommodate this new project, with a goal to create a multifunctional space that would serve as a catalyst for further economic growth and regeneration in Tottenham.

The redevelopment process included extensive planning and collaboration between developers, architects, and local authorities. The aim was to design a space that would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, while preserving elements of the area’s industrial heritage.

Drumsheds represents a significant transformation and revitalisation of the area, contributing to the local economy and community. Renowned for its unique blend of event spaces, retail outlets, dining options, and office facilities has quickly become a cultural and commercial hub in North London, attracting visitors and businesses alike.

In conjunction – it has had a positive impact on the local community, providing new job opportunities and contributing to the area’s economic vitality. It has also become a focal point for social and cultural activities, enhancing the quality of life for residents

A look inside Drumsheds, London:

  • Event Spaces: Drumsheds is famous for hosting large-scale music events, corporate gatherings, and cultural festivals. Its flexible and spacious venues can accommodate a wide range of events, making it a popular destination for event organizers.
  • Retail and Dining: The development includes a variety of retail shops and dining establishments, offering a diverse selection of products and cuisines to visitors and residents. This contributes to the lively atmosphere and convenience of the location.
  • Office Spaces: Modern office spaces within the Drumsheds provide businesses with state-of-the-art facilities in a dynamic environment. Its strategic location and contemporary amenities make it an attractive option for companies looking to establish a presence in North London.

What does this mean for VM Elevators:

Winning the maintenance contract at Drumsheds is a significant achievement for us here at VM Elevators and a testament to our company’s excellence in lift maintenance services.

It highlights our company’s ability to manage complex and high-traffic environments, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the lift systems and ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all to enjoy the delights of the Drumsheds experience.

Our team of skilled technicians will be responsible for maintaining the lifts to the highest standards. This includes regular preventive maintenance, and a prompt 24-7 callout response rate to resolve any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Ensuring the reliability and safety of the lifts is crucial, given the high volume of visitors and the diverse range of activities hosted at Drumsheds and we will continue to live up to our proven safety track record. Drumsheds, with its rich history and dynamic present, provides a perfect backdrop for us to showcase our expertise and commitment to quality.

This partnership not only enhances the operational efficiency of Drumsheds but also contributes to the continued success and vibrancy of this landmark development in North London.

By prioritising proactive maintenance and leveraging our engineer’s specialised expertise, we can continue to set the standard for excellence in the commercial, high-traffic sectors providing an unprecedented customer experience for our clients and theirs.

We serve London and the home counties, so if you need an experienced and reliable lift services provider to #ElevateYourBusiness and call us for free on 0800 448 8615 to speak to one of our expert management team – or submit a free quotation request.


Find out what’s on at Drumsheds via: drumshedslondon.com


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