VM Elevators Announces Sponsorship with West Essex FC

VM Elevators are delighted to share that we are the proud sponsors of the West Essex FC’s U10s division.

West Essex FC, founded in 1989 stands as an esteemed England Football Accredited Club, providing football for all – from age 4, all the way through to their flagship Senior 1st XI playing Non-League football in the Essex Senior League. With the addition of girl’s football leagues, it now houses 23 competitive teams.

Their Youth section’s ambition is to provide competitive football, quality coaching in a safe and enjoyable environment for the children of Highams Park, Chingford and the surrounding areas, with the principal aim – ‘to foster a culture in which young people can participate in football by encouraging personal physical fitness, teamwork and discipline – all of which have a tangible positive impact on the lives of the youth players.’

The club’s ethos is built with a family-centric approach, a principle that deeply resonates with John, VM Elevator’s Service Manager, who serves as the U10’s F.A Qualified Manager. John’s son-in law is their coach – and his grandson plays in the team. What’s truly wonderful about John’s involvement, is that he’s not just a manager, but a father and a grandfather. His family proudly take to the field alongside him, symbolising the generational bond that runs deep within West Essex F.C.

The dedication from all the coaches, managers and players are a credit and driving force behind the club’s success, ensuring it remains a welcoming home for all who walk through its door.

VM would like to highlight John and acknowledge his contributions. Whether in his role as VM Service Manager or West Essex F.C U10’s Manager, he consistently demonstrates his loyalty and indispensability to our community. By generously dedicating his weekends to support this exceptional team, his commitment to the club serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of unity and dedication, mirroring the values ingrained in football.

Join us in supporting the club @westessex_fc