Are your lifts ready for the BIG switch off?

sim cards

The next three years will see some major and unprecedented changes to the UK telephone communication systems, and for some time we have been advising customers that they should be taking steps to avoid any disruption to their own company telephone systems, as well as the lifts that they look after and maintain.

The mobile network companies have announced that they are planning to switch off the 2G and 3G networks, and furthermore, BT have announced that they are planning to switch off the PSTN (copper landlines) telephone network at the same time. This major change will have a large impact on many businesses but from the perspective of lift autodialler units, the effect could be disastrous if action is not taken soon.

Currently the dates for the planned network switch off are as follows:

  1. 3G network to be switched off – commencing on 1st January 2023
  2. 2G network to be switched off – commencing on 1st January 2026
  3. PSTN lines to be switched off – during 2025 completing before 31st December 2025

The 3G mobile network has now largely been replaced by the 4G network, and hence why it is the first to be switched off. The 2G mobile network and PSTN switch off will have a big impact and will need both consideration and planning by our customers, and we are here to help and assist our customers up to and beyond the switch off.

Any autodialler units currently functioning with a 2G SIM card will need to be checked/upgraded/replaced with a 4G VoLTE product and SIM before 31st December 2025.

Any autodialler units currently using a copper based PSTN landline also need to be upgraded/replaced to use another means of communication before 2025. Our recommendation is for these units to use the 4G VoLTE mobile network, by the installation of a 4G VoLTE gateway or by the installation of a replacement 4G VoLTE autodialler unit.

For customers purchasing autodialler equipment that will use the mobile network, it is our recommendation to all customers to purchase equipment that uses the 4G VoLTE mobile network.

Contact us for advice, further information and assistance: – or on our free toll number +44 (0) 800 448 8615