This project was to supply, install, test and commission 1 No. goods only lift rated at 1500kg serving 2 floors open front only complete with self-supporting steel structure in a newly renovated warehouse.

This installation was carried out whilst the building was in the process of being internally renovated on both levels requiring stringent planning and coordination with other trades. Due to constantly changing circumstances within the building, the Risk Assessments were reviewed daily by our Project Manager to ensure that all activities were carried out in the safest possible manner and the risks to our engineers and all other trades on site were constantly monitored and revised accordingly.

As this lift had no pit, the equipment installed was to the Machineries regulations and tested accordingly. It was necessary to provide a ramp up 100mm to the bottom floor entrance in lieu of the pit, this posed a problem as the lower lift entrance was directly opposite the staircase to the upper level which required us to design and manufacture a ramp that was at 90° to the lift entrance with a platform wide enough to maneuverer manually operated pallet trucks and with a suitable gradient that would not be detrimental to manual movement of the loaded pallet trucks and also not hinder access to the staircase. The ramp was fitted with sturdy handrails firmly fixed to the floor to ensure operator safety.

The lift, structure and ramp were installed, tested, and handed over in 2 weeks to the client’s satisfaction.


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