VM Elevators completed a Lift installation job in at an NDA site in High Wycombe – is set to bring a new level of convenience and accessibility to the retail building.

The installation will involve a number of key components and processes to ensure a smooth and efficient operation of the lift.

First, the lift shaft and pit will be painted to enhance the aesthetic appeal and durability of the lift. Shaft lighting will also be set-up to provide better visibility and safety for users and engineers.

Next, guide brackets and guide rails will be mounted to ensure the proper alignment and movement of the lift car.

The car-frame, platform, safety gear, overspeed governor, and counterweight frame will also be put in, along with the control panel.

The hoist machine, main hoist, and governor ropes will provide the power and control for the lift’s movement. Landing entrances will also be installed to provide easy access for users.

The lift car, door operator, and car doors will be connected, along with trailing flexes, shaft looms, and landing fixtures. Once all the components are in place, the lift will undergo testing, de-snagging, commissioning and handover to ensure that it is in full working order and ready to use.

This lift installation job at the retail site has provided an efficient and reliable means of transportation for all building occupants. The installation process was carried out by our experienced and skilled technicians, ensuring that the lift is installed to the highest standards.


At VM Elevators we offer a premium lift design and new installation service, setting the benchmark in safety, energy-efficiency, and reliability. Our Operations team of skilled professionals meticulously assesses every project, ensuring the seamless integration of state-of-the-art vertical transportation tailored to each client’s needs. From residential buildings to commercial and public complexes, our new installations guarantee smooth vertical mobility, adhering to the highest industry standards. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we deliver unparalleled lift installation solutions, elevating experiences and enhancing accessibility for all.

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