Moreland House, Romford

This job consisted of the removal of a duplex pair of lifts serving 5 floors with the lift shaft to be extended upward a further 2 floors by the builder and installation of a new duplex pair of electric traction MRL package lifts in a fully occupied apartment block, at the time of installation this site was undergoing works to extend up 2 floors.

Due to full occupancy, 1 lift had to be in service at all times resulting in 1 shaft being extended at a time as the 6th floor was the original motor room, the control panels for these new lifts were to be located in a sectioned off area remote from the lift shafts. Once this lift was tested & put into service on simplex control, the 2nd lift was then uninstalled, and the old motor room floor slab removed. Upon completion of the adjacent lift shaft the 2nd lift was installed duplexed with the 2nd lift, tested, commissioned and handed over to the client.

The complete installation of both lifts including test and commissioning was completed in 18 weeks. The client was very pleased with the end product.



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