This job consisted of a major modernisation of an electric traction passenger lift in a fully occupied apartment block.

The existing lift was rated at 300kg or 4 persons serving 6 floors open front only at a contract speed of 0.50 m/s, the lift was fitted with picket gates on the car and manual shutter gates on the landings, the lift car interior was constructed from antique timber panelling and was not to be touched.

The modernisation consisted of replacing the gear unit with a VVVF closed loop gear mounted on a bespoke bedplate that was designed in house and new hoist ropes. Control panels were replaced with state-of-the-art VVVF microprocessor panels and rewire of the complete installation. Landing shutter gates were overhauled, and all landing entrances were fitted with fully compliant VL10 gate locks, lift car picket gates were overhauled. The COP was replaced with a new surface mounted unit and surface mounted landing push stations and indicators were fitted.

The main issue with this project was that the basement entrance was in a private apartment and was no longer accessible as it was blocked off, gaining access to the lift pit was via ladder from the first floor, the basement landing push station and car button are stored in the lift motor room with the basement button position in the COP blanked off in case this floor is ever reinstated


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