The equipment for this project was purchased by the client directly from the lift manufacturers.
VM Elevators were recommended to the client as a preferred installer as we have previous experience installing and testing this equipment on our own new build projects.

The location of the project was a fully occupied private dwelling in central London and the shaft had already been constructed in line with the manufacturers detailed drawings. The equipment to be installed was a 300kg 4 person MRL lift serving 6 floors with the lower 4 floors opening at the front of the lift and the top 2 floors opening at right angles. The lift control panel was to be in a room adjacent to the lift shaft on the lift shaft at the 1st floor with cabling routed through pre-installed ducting into the lift shaft.

The lift metalwork, doors, skirting etc. were manufactured from bronze mirror finish sheet steel as supplied by the lift manufacturer, the landing push stations, and all the push buttons were to be finished in patinated bronze that we had to have specially manufactured by Dewhurst and Partners.

The landing entrance fronts were constructed and clad to accommodate the complete lift entrances to be concealed behind timber doors that matched the interior décor of the building, this was carried out by the client’s builder under our instructions.

The main issue with this installation was around halfway through the installation, access to the building was stopped for more than a year due to covid restrictions but we maintained constant contact with the client to reassure him that we would return when safe to do so.

To conclude we returned to site at the early part of 2021to complete the installation, test and commission, all done to the clients’ satisfaction.


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