This job consisted of the removal of an existing chain driven enclosed access platform lift with a new hydraulic enclosed access platform lift, at the time of installation this was a fully occupied care home for the elderly requiring extra vigilance by our installation engineers.

The existing platform lift was rated at 272kg or 3 persons serving 2 floors opening front only, the lift configuration was with the chain driven motor and control panel located in the shaft headroom, the control system was constant pressure with timber swing doors on the landing and a manual multileaf door on the lift car.

The new platform lift installed was rated at 385kg of 5 persons utilising the existing shaft dimensions and 100mm deep pit, the lift car operation was a single push instead of constant pressure, new entrances were steel swing doors complete with steel frame and the car door was a power operated multileaf system.

The challenge for this installation was that the new tank and control panel were to be located in the basement of the building with the pipework and cabling run up through the floor slab but unfortunately the location of the run through the floor slab was outside of the lift shaft and adjacent to the outside of the shaft wall in the hallway of the building. As diamond drilling through the concrete slab was required, extra precautions were required to prevent access to the area by any of the staff or residents, additional dust prevention methods to contain dust within the localised work area and noise kept to a bare minimum.

When the installation was completed all of the new doorframes were built in and the aperture where the access door to the old machinery was located was permanently closed off and replastered. A purpose made cabinet was built to cover the hydraulic pipe and electrical cables in the hallway designed to fit in with the existing décor.

The new lift was installed, tested, and commissioned to the machinery regulations in 3 weeks, the lift was successfully handed over to the client who was very pleased with the end product.


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