This job consisted of the removal of the existing redundant lift and installation of a new electric traction MRL package lift for use in a hotel environment, at the time of installation this site was undergoing complete renovation.

This was a particularly challenging project as the shaft was very tight just 1150mm wide x 1180mm deep with entrances at the front only serving 5 floors.   Working in conjunction with our package lift supplier we were able to offer a lift rated at 275kg (3 persons) with a clear entrance opening width of 770mm by utilising 3 panel side opening door configuration with a contract speed of 1.00 m/s that was fully compliant with the relevant EN81 standards without the need for any shaft modifications.

Once the redundant lift was removed the new lift was installed, tested, and commissioned in 3 weeks and the lift was successfully handed over to the client who was very pleased with the end product.


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