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At VM Elevators we specialise in modernising lift and escalator systems to meet contemporary standards of safety, performance and aesthetics. Our dedicated Operations team of experts assesses existing vertical transportation infrastructure, employing innovative solutions tailored to enhance efficiency and reliability. From upgrading lift control systems to installing energy-efficient components, we ensure seamless integration of modern technologies while minimising disruptions to daily operations. With a focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction, VM Elevators’ modernisation services breathe new lift into aging systems, optimising performance and elevating user experiences.

Lift Modernisation Services

Highfield House – London

We have continued to sustain very positive and successful relationships within the residential sector across Greater London and the UK. Our services include a vast portfolio of properties including privately-owned premium apartments in fully managed blocks.

Our modernisation team were recently approached for a partial modernisation solution for the single passenger lift at Highfield House, London – a 5 storey premium apartment block. These passenger lifts were previously experiencing performance issues and required an electrification modernisation, to restore their reliability.

The project included the full modernisation of lift machine’s, control systems and ancillary equipment, lift car interiors plus all new car and landing call stations and hydraulic power unit.

All works were completed on time, within fully occupied buildings with minimal disruption to residents and most importantly within the detailed budget and conceptual specification for works.

Upon the successful completion of the project, the properties were returned to a confidence enhancing and reliable lift service for many years to follow.

Safestore – Holland

Goods Lift - Lift and Escalator Repair and Maintenance London UK

Job: (modernisation, installation, May 2022 repair, service)
Date of works commencing: May 2022

In June 2022, we successfully completed on modernisation works at Safestore, Holland.

Safestore is the UK’s largest and Europe’s second largest provider of self-storage. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

The installation took approximately 4-5 weeks.

The job consisted of works on the left and right hand electric goods passenger lifts and entailed of;

The left hand lift:

  • We uninstalled & removed the existing 4 No. landing entrances in their entirety & replaced with Semi-Automatic 4 panel centre opening 30 min. fire rated entrances with a clear opening of 2000mm wide x 2100mm high complete with integral door operator.
  • Finish painted

The right hand lift:

  • Due to the age of the existing controller installed in the early 1960’s, the new door operators do not interface with this system, it was therefore necessary to replace the control panel to operate these doors.
  • We uninstalled & removed the existing 3 No. landing entrance doors in their entirety & replaced with Semi-Automatic 2 panel centre opening 30 min. fire rated entrances with a clear opening of 1000mm x 21000mm high complete with integral door operator.
  • Finish painted
  • Replaced the existing control panel with a solid state VVVF controller to include rewiring of the lift shaft, motor room & lift car
  • Replaced the existing hoist machine with a compatible VVVF machine complete with new hoist ropes, adapter steels and guarding.

The client was exceptionally pleased with the end products.

Read more about our amazing success stories via the link in our bio or https://vmelevators.com/casestudies/

Here at VM Elevators, we provide a bespoke service that is second to none; whether your query is about a new installation; a modernisation; a maintenance service contract; repairs, or the decommissioning of a lift or escalator – we can help!

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NDA – London

cropped non disclosed client vm elevators

We are thrilled to share our fantastic #modernisation work at a prestigious NDA central London site. This modernisation was inclusive of new Sassi machines, Kollmorgen control systems and with back up power supplies. It also included a SafeLine emergency communication system along with full landing and GAL makeovers.

We are fully mobilised to deliver tailor made solutions. From our rigorous quality control measures to our advance project management techniques, we ensure every Modernisation and Installation is executed with precision and attention to detail, to the highest standards of quality and safety and delivered to specified timelines and within budget.

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NHS Harlow – Essex


Works well under way for The NHS in Harlow. This is a particularly tight program involving a full refurbishment of the asset, to include, new control system, new hoist motor, new doors and entrances & full car re-line works.

Queens Hotel – London

Modernisation Lift Company London, UK

VM Elevators Ltd. Were contracted by DPS Lift Consultancy to assess and modernise a 630kg 8 person passenger MRL lift serving 8 floors in the above premises, the lift had been idle for 1 year.

Upon investigation it was found that the now defunked Carlos Silva MRL control system was non-functional and the gearless winding unit in the head of the shaft was worn beyond repair.

The control panel was replaced with a UK manufactured VVVF system that was housed in the existing cabinet at the top landing entrance, the gearless hoist machine was replaced with a VVVF unit, the overspeed governor was replaced with a unit that fully complies with BS8486-1:2007+A1:2011 incorporating part A3 for the unintended movement of the lift car with the doors open, complete rewire of the system, replacement of car operating panel and landing push stations fitted with US91-EN push buttons. The lift is now fully operational and compliant with current regulations.

London Energy – London

Lift Companies UK Industrial Break down repairs maintenance

This job consisted of the major modernisation of 3 x 1000kg or 13 persons goods/passenger lifts in a fully functional waste processing plant, the plant was undergoing other renovation works and so maintaining time schedules and completing tasks on time was paramount as site security and Health and Safety protocol was a major factor in our works progression.

Each of the lifts were open front and rear serving between 5 and 9 floors, the works consisted of stripping down the gear units, removing bearing housings from site for the bearings and seal to be replaced, overhauling the gearbox, replenishing oil and fitting new hoist ropes. Control panels were replaced with state-of-the-art microprocessor panels and rewire of the complete installation. Landing shutter gates were either overhauled or replaced depending on their condition, all landing entrances were fitted with fully compliant VL10 gate locks, lift car picket gates were either overhauled or replaced depending on their condition. The lift cars were relined in aluminium chequer plate, new ceilings & car lighting, new surface mounted hall pushes and digital indicators with a new flush fitting COP fitted with heavy duty US91 push buttons.

We have completed 2 lifts including test and commissioning  in the allotted timescale. The client is very pleased with the end product and commended us on our attention to detail in observing site protocol and accuracy in timescale predictions.

Safestore – Newcastle

Goods lift - Lift and Escalator Repair and Maintenance

VM Elevators were contracted by Safestore to carry out the modernisation of 2 Goods/Passenger lifts, one at 1500kg the other at 2000kg at their storage facility in Newcastle. Both lifts serve 4 floors & are open through. The works consisted of replacing the control system with a UK supplied VVVF panel, replacing the manual car & landing shutter gates with heavy duty Selcom power operated doors. The works also involved modification of the lift cars to accept new entrances, completely relining the lift cars,  full rewire, replacing broken rope safeties with overspeed governor & manufacture, supply & fit new fabricated shaft front returns/headers.