Queens Hotel

VM Elevators Ltd. Were contracted by DPS Lift Consultancy to assess and modernise a 630kg 8 person passenger MRL lift serving 8 floors in the above premises, the lift had been idle for 1 year.

Upon investigation it was found that the now defunked Carlos Silva MRL control system was non-functional and the gearless winding unit in the head of the shaft was worn beyond repair.

The control panel was replaced with a UK manufactured VVVF system that was housed in the existing cabinet at the top landing entrance, the gearless hoist machine was replaced with a VVVF unit, the overspeed governor was replaced with a unit that fully complies with BS8486-1:2007+A1:2011 incorporating part A3 for the unintended movement of the lift car with the doors open, complete rewire of the system, replacement of car operating panel and landing push stations fitted with US91-EN push buttons. The lift is now fully operational and compliant with current regulations.



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