Real Estate

Phillimore Gardens – London

The equipment for this project was purchased by the client directly from the lift manufacturers. VM Elevators were recommended to the client as a preferred installer as we have previous experience installing and testing this equipment on our own new build projects. The location of the project was a fully occupied private dwelling in central […]


Chelsea Square – London

This job consisted of the installation of a new electric traction MRL package lift for use in a private dwelling environment, at the time of installation this site was undergoing complete renovation. This lift was installed in a newly built shaft to accommodate a lift rated at 375kg (5 persons) travelling at 1.00 m/s serving […]


Virginia Waters – Essex

VM Elevators Ltd. Were contracted by the owners to assess and modernise a 630kg 8 person passenger MRL lift serving 5 floors in the above premises to rectify noisy & irregular door operation, noisy control system, reline the outer doors & architraves. The internal finishes of the lift car were completed by a separate interior […]

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