Big Sky

VME undertook the major overhaul works of Big Sky Studios which is the largest photographic studio in London. The site is nonstop throughout the year accommodating all the big houses in the industry and time was of the essence within this program with only a short window between Christmas and the New Year. Works entailed […]


Queens Court, Romford

This project is being undertaken on behalf of RMS Property Ltd This building is served by a duplex pair of 600kg hydraulic lift serving 5 floors manufactured by Otis that has now passed its working life expectancy and has many obsolete parts. The scheme we have offered is to retain the hydraulic cylinders and replace […]


Safestore Mitcham

VM Elevators were contracted by Safestore to supply, install, test & commission I x Hydraulic 2000kg Goods/Passenger lift serving 3 levels, the asset was installed in a newly built hoistway. This installation was completed, tested & handed over in 17 working days.