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Lift Decommissioning Services

*VM Elevators is a premium and independent Lift and Escalator Services provider, established in London in 2008 and now operating UK Nationwide. We provide comprehensive services including lift maintenance and lift repair within London and the Home Counties. For areas beyond, we specialise in Lift Modernisation, Lift Design and New Lift Installation packages only.

Safestore – Winchester

VM Elevators recently decommissioned a lift at Safestore Winchester, a self-storage facility in the United Kingdom.

The lift, which was no longer meeting the needs of the facility or its customers, was removed and to be replaced with a newer, more efficient model.

The decommissioning process involved several steps, including the removal of the lift from its shaft, disconnecting all electrical and mechanical connections, and disposing of the old lift in an environmentally friendly manner.

The replacement of the lift at Safestore Winchester, is just one example of the ongoing maintenance and upgrades that are necessary to keep commercial lifts in safe and reliable working order.

Overall, the decommissioning of the lift at Safestore, Winchester was a necessary step in the ongoing maintenance and upgrading of the facility’s infrastructure. The replacement lift will provide improved safety and performance for customers and staff at the self-storage facility.