Lift Installation Chichester Business Park

Recently, a lift installation job was completed at Chichester Business Park, where a Schindler MRL lift was replaced with a ‘One Lift’ product. This upgrade not only improves the functionality and reliability of the lift, but also brings a significant increase in sustainability. Here at VM Elevators we are committed to sustainability and using environmentally […]


Franklin House, Winchester Lift Design and Install

We are excited to share our latest installation project at Franklin House, Winchester. The job consisted of: Removal of closed protocol outdated systems Fully prepared lift shaft Painting and sealing of area And the installation a 630kg, 8person Traction MRL Lift Package ‘One Lift’ at the modernised and prestigious office premises. Benefits to the customer [...]


Queens Court, Romford

This project is being undertaken on behalf of RMS Property Ltd This building is served by a duplex pair of 600kg hydraulic lift serving 5 floors manufactured by Otis that has now passed its working life expectancy and has many obsolete parts. The scheme we have offered is to retain the hydraulic cylinders and replace […]